They were rich before they became disciples

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There is an idea that being rich before being a disciple of Jesus is going to stop you from a relationship with God, perhaps in the sense that when people get rich they no longer need God. I think this is not correct, but I don’t want to say why over here, I only want to give some examples.

Deion Sanders is an athlete and, according to a testimony I have heard from a preacher I respect, he became a disciple of Jesus after he signed multi-million dollar contracts and after he won his first Super Bowl [1], the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States. At the time when I tried to find more about him, he posted on twitter, roughly 14 February 2014, “your sin is not my sin but we are all sinners”. He has also started a sport school called TRUTH.

The wife of Os Guiness was a Vogue model, and she was already well involved in events with famous and upper-middle class people before she realized the emptiness of a life without meaning. She found Jesus Christ after a party at the residence of Salvador Dali, the famous painter. Dali had a wild cat as pet, and while she was looking at the animal, tied to a table and sedated in order to not harm anyone, she started thinking about her own life condition. This is mentioned in one of her husband’s messages.[2]

There is yet another model and one billionaire I wanted to write about, but I really have to go now.

[1] Ravi Zaharias – The Christian Priviledge, available at, section “Just Thinking”, 2013.11.28.
[2] Searched hard for the message because some websites have been redesigned, but found it at last: Os Guiness, Purpose – “What am I here for?”, starting about minute 17:30. It can be found on  BTW, I’m still searching hard for the other one.

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