Meet William Lane Craig

Published March 23, 2014 by

After I’ve seen his lecture on 7 arguments for the existence of God I had absolutely no issue approaching anyone to tell them about Jesus Christ. I’ve seen many debates William Lane Craig had, my favourite one being with journalist Christopher Hitchens where the discussion offered him the oportunity to invite with kindness his atheist opponent Mr. Hitchens to give his life to Jesus Christ. I’ve watched refutations of arguments that people like Professor Stephen Hawking or Professor Richard Dawkins present in books. Another absolutely-must-see video is the one where Professor William Lane Craig is showing the evidences for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is obviously among the best in Christian apologetics and Christian philosophy. I’ve read one of his essays in which he shared the story when he got his theological doctorate degree and I have a reason to think that the depth of his study is built on very solid thinking on top of the foundation which is Jesus Christ.

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