Foundation for 21st Century

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The foundation for 21st century must be Truth. It may seem a little simplistic, but it is not. After generations X and Y, as they used to be called, another term has been coined to name the current times: it is the post-modern period. About 40 years ago some said information revolution will really take off, and here we are, it’s not called information “in flight” age but post-modernism.

What is going on? Human cloning is around [see 1]. Plans to put a man on Mars by 2023 are quite advanced, the selection for the first colonists is in progress and some started training, and it does not care about geopolitical issues because is privately sponsored [see 2]. Children being born out of three parents is a concept that may seem strange but it is technically doable [see 3]. The so called energy crisis can be proven as false as the idea that monkeys can randomly write the works of Shakespeare [see 4,5].

Jesus Christ claimed to be the Truth. There is enough evidence for the searching mind to conclude He is, indeed, who He claims to be. Having Him as foundation for life will not allow the secularization, privatization and relativism to mislead. The question remaining is this: do you know Truth?

[1] “The Arrival of Human Cloning. It’s here. Don’t get used to it.”

[2] Mars One Project
See also “Mars One” on Youtube.

[3] Probably the diagram easiest to understand was the one I have come across at

[4] Search for “free energy” on Internet. There’s plenty to look at, probably the biggest volume of data I have come across at is free-energy-info dot com

[5], but please note it is hard to support if the argument was used against Samuel Wilberforce in 1860.

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